Metal processing -Crival Metalplast Italian metal processing company precious metal made in Italy

The Group consists of three divisions, each highly specialized in its technical sector. They are managed by prepared peoples having direct responsibility on their business development. Top Management maintains the relations with the clients, manages the R&D, grants the quality of the manufactured items and the promises in terms of delivery deadlines.

Each division has its own identity

Each division feature a dedicated

Customer Service

constantly available to keep the client informed on the progress status of its developments. The

commercial responsibility

is directly managed by the top people of the Company thus granting the clients to stay in continuous contact with the highest management level within the


. Each division, as better described later in this document, has its own identity, name, positioning and

business strategy

The objective of this is to communicate with existing and potential customer in a clear and straightforward manner providing a simple perspective on the solutions we can offer to rapidly respond to their needs. Furthermore, this approach aims at aligning our employees to team work and objective sharing thus granting that their behavior is always coherent with the Group Mission of Integral Satisfaction.

Clear and simple perspective on the solutions

Independence and specialization of each division

As mentioned before, the independence and specialization of each division does not prevent, if necessary, the development of

interdivisional projects

. The Group is equipped to orchestrate the individual know-how of the divisions creating products that combine in a synergic manner their excellences for a flawless final result. In other words, a product combining different technologies exploiting the values of individual know-how’s.


The Mission of the Crival Group and its three operating divisions is to provide Integral Satisfaction to its Client.

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Metal processing

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