Our production

Galvanic treatment -Crival Metalplast Italian gold galvanic finishes made in Italy

Galvanic treatment
MGI supports different type of clients thus applying its

galvanic know-how

to different type of products that have different roles in the cycle of the client value chain.

Based on this, we have the genesis of different

galvanic needs

: from the accessories dedicated to the clothing manufacturing of luxury brands, to the finishing of chains with the destiny of becoming

bijoux products

, from the

metal accessories

of very well known bags to the metal components of belts and shoes, and finally to the internal client of the Group engaged in the development of displays including important metal components.
Galvanic treatment
Galvanic treatment
Galvanic treatment
To respond to this variety of supplies we have given ourselves the mission of being always ready to center the

galvanic objectives

of our clients
. The internal flexibility, the total integration of all the processes, the motivation of our people allow us to understand in details the large variety of needs of the clientele, satisfying them with rapidity and the quality granted by our internal piece by piece control.
Galvanic treatment

Galvanic treatment

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